Our School Facilities

An effective school facility is responsible to the changing program of education delivery and at a minimum should provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated and aesthetically pleasing.

Health and Hygiene

A successful school is one that provides a clean and safe environment for its students. Our school hygiene reflects in several ways.

Drinking Water

The provision of water at schools is one of the highly effective practices in increasing access and learning outcomes. We’ve unlimited supply of quality drinking water facility to our children.

Waste Management

We’ve appropriate waste management services (Bins - everywhere and disposal pits.

Hygiene Practices

We’ve sanitation facilities such as sanitary napkin incinerators, sanitary napkin vending machines are available. Running water facility is there in all the toilets. Cleaned and regularly maintained of toilets are having arrangements for disposing waste material especially for girls.

Safety Measures

We’ve placed CCTV cameras in our campus, CCTV cameras are only one way to achieve some (but not all) security requirements. (24/7 security system)

Nature Zone

The exquisite organic garden in the school yard provides a dynamic learning environment for the children by letting then explore, discover, nature, observe, experiment, and learn theory connect to the natural world.

New Corner

Notice boards displaying our children’s multifaceted talents and drop boxes welcoming us with smileys have been set up in and around the campus.

Computer Lab

Computer Education from 1-12. The computer lab is arranged with necessary amenities with high-speed interest connection.

Knowledge Hub”

There’re 10,500 books available in the library. It has a very good collection of dictionaries too. We’ve books separately arranged for kindergarten kids too.

AV Room

The audio-Visual room is situated with a capacity to accommodate 50 and above students it is equipped with the latest technological equipment like the LCD projector surround sound speakers and a wall mounted screen

Science Labs

with advanced equipment enhancing the practical knowledge. The students perform experiments based on their academic syllabus and are prepared for their board exams.


Our growing team is made up of qualified teachers with a range of experience in varying sports and at differing age range, as well as accredited sports couches who continually deliver high quality activity sessions whilst playing sports fun for young children.